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Karnic’s Project-M successfully reaches completion

Karnic’s Project-M successfully reaches completion

Project-M, the company's 30-month expansion and development program has successfully reached completion earlier this month with the integration of Phase IV, the final stage that focuses on the reorganisation of production.

The completely new production system had to be developed from scratch to handle operations for higher output in the enlarged facilities of the company. It is based on the accurate control and synchronisation of all movements and deliveries but most importantly, it provides manufacturing flexibility with fast adaptation to fluctuations in demand and autonomy in controlling quality and standards with more than 150 control points along each line.

The implementation of Project-M begun in early 2009 as a result of a study to grow Karnic and it progressed despite the negative climate due to the world economic crisis. The project was developed in four phases starting with the modification of a new detached building purchased by the company and its preparation for the operations of the department of Structures & Lamination.
It was followed by the transfer of Technology & Development with all CNC and related prototype equipment into another separate building to operate as an autonomous department for the company. Phase III related to the preparation and setup of the assembly hall to fulfil the requirements of the new production system which was developed in parallel and implemented in the last phase of the program.

27 June, 2011 - 04:26